Below are some excerpts from stage scripts I’ve written with a logline for each. Click the link to be taken to the excerpts:


BOUND BY LOVE follows two high-end/elite transgender sex workers (a transwoman and a gender fluid male-bodied person) in a loving BDSM relationship who have their idyllic unorthodox lives upended when the in-laws move in next door. Little do they know the in-laws have a secret of their own. Read a more in-depth summary here.


FALLING OUT follows Russell Falling. After coming out to his family and close friends, the gender fluid Russell must juggle his private femininity, his duties to his wife and kids, and his public image as a popular macho sports radio talk show host. Read a more in-depth summary here.


After fighting for years to be accepted as the woman she is, an ex-Army Special Forces soldier returns home and begins one of life’s many TRANSITIONS (gender transition, military to civilian and sudden parenthood) with the help of her friends. Read a more in-depth summary here.

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