Script Reading Services

Proofreading and Editing

“Editting and prufreeding sevrices availible two.” Need another set of eyes on your work just to make sure it’s set? Let’s talk. I have extensive editing and proofreading experience. I was a college English instructor for 15 years, edited and written several articles and books, and published my own work.

I also offer notes on scripts.I HIGHLY recommend letting me look over your work before you send it to a professional. With my 15+ years in academia with a graduate degree in composition, I have a highly trained eye for organizational issues, grammar and mechanics and plot devices.

All too often, we rush a script or other piece of writing to a paid professional script doctor who will have to wade through an early draft and will get bogged down in the minutia.

My feedback will pinpoint your largest flaws so you can revise the script and send it to a different script doctor, one who can focus on any remaining issues you might have.

My method works. See testimonials below.


$1/page for scripts.

$50/hour for all other work (consultations, etc.). One-hour Zoom meeting to better understand the project and what you need from me is free. After, I require a $50 non-refundable deposit that is credited to my work. 


“The feedback I received from Avery was outstanding. I am new to screenwriting, and there were pieces I wasn’t able to work out on my own. Avery’s feedback was not only thorough, but it was inspiring. I was able to take key pieces of my story and rewrite them based on this feedback. It gave me a clear purpose when re-writing and editing. I found this feedback to be the catalyst my story needed to enhance its storyline. I am truly thankful for the thoughtfulness and detail.”

~Ann Semon, “Lost and Wild” pilot (April 2020)

“Avery is a wonderful person to work with. Avery’s got a great sense of style and really knows what [they’re] talking about. Thanks to [Avery’s] skills, my characters are even more profound, more lovable. It made me realize that telling a good story is something you do on your own, but telling a great story is a team effort. Thank you Avery!”

~Ann Vertriest, “What the Hell Happened to Grandad” feature (April 2020)

“Giving notes takes an empathetic reader, but also someone who isn’t afraid to recommend edits that will ultimately elevate your work. Avery keyed-in on important aspects of character, flow, pacing and flat-out “Is this right for your story?” moments that I was compelled to consider. Implementing Avery’s notes trimmed pages and let effective scenes shine. Avery is thoughtful when suggesting edits, and passionate when defending your script’s strengths. If you’re putting the finishing touches on a draft, or can’t break your story and need a voice of reason, do not hesitate to take Avery up on reading your work.”

~John MacRitchie, “CRUSHABLE” feature (April 2020)




Need to make sure your disabled characters are written properly? Do you have LGBTQ characters you’re not sure how to write in a way they aren’t 2-dimensional stereotypes? If you need assistance getting these types of characters right, then let’s talk. I’m all of the above and know all about the needs and struggles of these groups.


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Email me with any questions. We’ll set up a time to call or meet.