Trans-formations: A Journey to Gender Self-Discovery in 7 Parts, Part IV: Anger and Rage

“Trans-formations: A Journey to Gender Self-Discovery in 7 Parts” is intended to be acted out on a stage. It is a performance piece. But it’s also something I feel needs to be “out there” too. Thus, I’m making it available on YEM.

The monologue, roughly 1 hour in total time, discusses my life as a Bi+ gender nonconforming person who battled not having words to describe myself, being raped by a man when I was 12, my place in the #MeToo movement, my issues with self-love and self-acceptance, and my psychological, mental, emotional and professional rapes.

It is a story of self-discovery and self-acceptance after years of being a punching bag for others and myself.

Please remember: This contains several uncomfortable topics which may trigger listeners.

This is PART IVa: Anger and Rage

This is PART IVb: Anger and Rage

The intent of this is to engage and recognize the many voices and identities that are part of our global community, and show how everyone’s experience with rape, harassment, gender identity issues and more are similar. We all struggle. Feel free to catch me on Twitter .

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