About Avery

The Bio of Avery R. Russell

Not one who believes in straight lines, Avery took the long, curvy road to screenwriting. Traveling from their humble Michigan roots growing up on 8 Mile (yes, THAT 8 Mile), Avery ventured into the Army as a cook, through a short stint as a journalist, into graduate school (majoring in Rhetoric and Composition Theory), then landing a 15 year career as a college-level English instructor, teaching students about writing, communications and Gothic Lit. After coming out as queer (AMAB Gender Nonconforming bisexual) to their schools, Avery decided to follow their passion for writing LGBTQ-positive sitcoms. They are a fellow in the 2020-21 Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project.

Short Version: Sarcastic, queer AF, 40+, AMAB gender nonconforming, disabled vet with a gift for thinking light years outside of the box.





Nothing is EVER “Perfect”: Don’t Lose Yourself in the Pursuit of Perfection

I imagine EVERY writer at every level has gotten feedback that included a phrase along this line: “This needs to be polished more, get it perfect.” The fact is, though, nothing is perfect. Why? For the simple reason that everyone has something different in mind. Writing is inherently imperfect. We’ve all see the TV shows …

Don’t Let ‘Em Get You Down: Considering Coverage (Feedback) on Your Work

I’ve lost count as to how many people have given me feedback on my scripts. From a well-established working actor and producer who’s been in Daredevil and two of the CSI shows (among other shows and features) to friends to coverage given as part of a competition to hiring three coverage companies, I’ve sampled the …