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Avery is an over-40, Assigned-Male-at-Birth, Gender Nonconforming (AMAB GNC), queer, trans-femme, belly button-less, disabled Army veteran.

Hailing from the rough streets (lots of potholes!) of middle-class suburban Detroit, Avery learned the dangers of living on 8 Mile quickly: Everyone asks if you know Eminem.

Avery is a recovering college English instructor (taught for 15 years) and author of a children’s book about a young Trans/GNC whale (a copy of which is in the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria, BC). They have an appetite for creating character-driven sitcoms that emphasize LGBTQ+ / queer, BIPOC and veteran stories.

Presently, Avery is a Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project fellow. As a supplement to the program, they took the initiative and created and currently direct the #WGFVets Table Read Series. They’re also a member of Veterans in Media and Entertainment and the United States Veterans’ Artist Alliance.

Avery also owns a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace” certificate through the University of South Florida.

Bio 2:

Not one who believes in straight lines, Avery took the long, curvy road to screenwriting. Traveling from their humble Michigan roots growing up on 8 Mile (yes, THAT 8 Mile), Avery ventured into the Army as a cook, through a short stint as a journalist, into graduate school (majoring in Rhetoric and Composition Theory), then landing a 15-year career as a college-level English instructor, teaching students about writing, communications and Gothic Lit. After coming out as queer (AMAB Gender Nonconforming and bisexual) to their schools, Avery decided to follow their passion for writing LGBTQ-positive sitcoms. They are a fellow in the 2020-21 Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project.

Short Version: Sarcastic, queer AF, 40+, AMAB gender nonconforming, disabled vet with a gift for thinking light-years outside of the box.





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